i thought i saw you. but that end up being someone else with your features. i didn't know whether to laugh at myself or cry. Its crazy isn't it? you still pop into my mind without even trying. How my heart still beats faster when i think i see your curls in a crowd. What did you do to me? You've moved on but for me even the slightest thing reminds me of you. my little minx, so innocent and alluring. Did you know that the moment you had touched me, you became mine. my drug my addiction. Do you know how hard it is to see you with him? But i know that you probably deserve him. Who knows maybe you'll come back. My princess, my puppy who follow me through those halls. Little did I know that I would be the one who took that fall. I hope he kisses you with all the love I have, and cherishes you like your his last breath. Thank you for teaching me. Now when I find someone like you, I will never let them go even if it hurts. Because the pain is much worse knowing its because of what you didn't do.