I wanted to start off with a bit about myself seeing as this is my first article. I'm currently 17, from London and doing my A-levels. I'm in my second year of A-level study and trust me the amount of work I have to do is crazy. I study A-level Biology, A-level Chemistry, A-level Physics and A-level Maths. As you can see I am a bit of a science freak lmao.

Okay so I just wanted to share a few ways that help me study and get the grades I really want, I totally understand that everyone has their own ways of studying and they can definitely stick to that if it's working out but if you're looking for some new ideas I hope this helps :)

Procrastination is a big no no

For most people the biggest obstacle in the way of getting lot's of work done is procrastination. I used to have some serious issues with this until I found this super cool app called forest. What it does is it allows you to set a timer (up to 120 minutes at a time) for you to grow your cute virtual tree and during that time you are not allowed to visit any other app otherwise your tree dies. The more time you spend studying/not on your phone, the more trees in your forest and the more coins you get. I'm pretty sure you can spend the coins in order to fund them to plant an actual tree. So not only are you getting work done, but you're doing the environment a favour too.
This mainly helps you to stay away from your phone so you're not distracted by social media etc.

school, work, and motivation image
As you can see that's the forest app being used

Motivation seems to be quite an issue

I have these moments where I seriously just don't feel like studying at all so I just take a nap and act like I don't have serious exams coming up. Once I realised I can't afford to waste time doing that anymore, I found out that what worked for me was nice stationary, aesthetic notebooks and pastel highlighters. Obviously everyone has their own taste but what I'm getting at here is that equipping yourself with nice stationary really helps because then you want to use them which pushes you to study. (I seriously recommend Muji btw)

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
Like I said, anything that pleases you.

Set the mood

I can't have a productive study session without lighting a few candles and having a clear desk which is super crucial. Like if you're not in the mood for studying, so say for example you're feeling stressed out, candles and a clear area can really help although make sure you stay super safe with the candles and you're extra careful.

Superthumb bag college inspiration
A few examples of what I mean

Now onto the actual method

So how do you actually study? Do you just read over your textbook without taking any notes? Or perhaps you do take notes but nothing is really entering your mind?

The best way for me is to be able to first make notes on all the content using a reliable revision guide. Keep it as condensed as possible in order to skim read them just before the exams. Now that I know the content, I move onto doing past exam questions. Always check the answers and mark schemes at the end to see how you did. If you got something wrong, write a model answer on a post it note or flashcard and try to memorise it in order to avoid making the same mistake again. I would also recommend revisiting the relevant notes just to refresh your memory. Repeat this process with many exam questions and soon you'd have gone through every kind of possible question. So you will be prepared for whatever they throw at you.

Superthumb inspiration college japan
This is my lil method.

Now this is my way of studying, what's yours? This is the end of my article and I honestly seriously enjoyed writing it and i hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did. This was also my first ever article and I'm planning to write many more in the future. So thank you so much and see you soon :)