♥Coffee or Tea

starbucks, coffee, and drink image cafe, coffee, and hair image
coffee, food, and breakfast image Image removed
  • Winter or Summer
pineapple, fruit, and summer image lana del rey, summertime sadness, and pink image
summer, love, and night image water, summer, and blue image

♥Cats or Dogs

sailor moon, cat, and anime image adorable, cat, and cats image
Temporarily removed dog, cute, and puppy image

*Sunrise or Sunset

city, sky, and sunset image sky, sunset, and car image
Temporarily removed blue, clouds, and peachy image

♥Books or Movies

quotes, book, and perfection image book, quotes, and milk and honey image
Image removed book, light, and library image

♥Tattoos or Piercings

black, black hair, and dark image Calvin Klein, tattoo, and style image
Image removed Image by Roirame

*Sun or Rain

light, rain, and night image quotes, rainbow, and rain image
rain, city, and autumn image rain, city, and photography image

*Leather or Denim

rose, grunge, and flowers image fashion, denim, and jacket image
fashion, style, and girl image Temporarily removed

*City or Countryside

big, city, and Dream image city, new york, and travel image
Image by RachelG. girl, city, and travel image