To say that I want to achieve a lot in my lifetime is an understatement, yet to also say I want to achieve and experience a lot in my youth is also an understatement. Since I was young I have dreamt big, wanted to accomplish impossible tasks, help change the world, and experience daredevil acts that would make me feel like I've been re-born again. For just under a month or so ago my mum and I have owned these two large pieces of coloured cardboard paper in hopes of making a vision board, but we never seem to get around to making it so I figured that I could do what I do and enjoy best; write about it.

Graduate with an OP 5
In the Queensland education system I will be the last grade to ever complete an OP (Overall Position). I want to study a Bachelor of International Studies majoring in French and International Inequality and Development (and a Diploma in Languages (German)) at University Queensland -my absolute dream university- that requires an OP 8 to get into the course, and even then you're not guaranteed a position thus if I make a 5, and I will, I will be given a guaranteed place in the Uni.

Own a VW Light Blue 1970's (1972) Beetle

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Compete at the Australian Irish Dancing Nationals, Queensland State Championships and Worlds

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Get accepted into UQ

Do my year exchange to Bergen, Norway for Uni

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Speak at least 5 languages other than English
Hopefully those will be:

  • French
  • Norwegian (Nynorsk og Bokmal)
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Greek

Backpack Australia after I graduate

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All these things -as far away and impossible they may seem to myself- can and will be achieved. You just have to give yourself some time, put in some hard work and dedication and you can achieve anything your heart desires.