Listen to: Losing My Mind by Charlie Puth

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I lose my mind every time I think about you. Should I go for it, should I back down? I think I like you more than I can express, more than I want to. You're what I want and what I need. You're loud and expressive. I'm quite and held back. You'd be good for me. I'd be good for you. Right?

I second guess everything, it can't be easy to love you. We both have our demons that were hiding from each other. I'm scared to open it. There's not enough time and so much to lose. Our friendship, your respect, my confidence. What would hurt the most? You. Losing you would.

I need the world to stop so I can think. Would it be crazy to ask you to brunch? Would it be crazy to call you? Would it be crazier to ask you to pick me up in the middle of the night for a drive? Would you think I'm crazy? That's what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid of losing my mind in the process of figuring this out. Figuring you out. Figuring us out.