Hello lovelies! Hope y'all doing well.
Thank you so much for clicking, enjoy reading my article.
I've been using Whi for so long, yet, this is the first time i'm writing an article.
I want to start by explaining why i just LOVE being on Whi , and how much i enjoy it.


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Finally somewhere real to express myself, i just can't with all the fakeness in social media, the stress it causes make it impossible for people to handle it without having a break from time to time.


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I call this my happy place, it's so full of inspirational posts, full of life and motivation, and this is the trio everyone needs in their lives.


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I love reading, for me it's the best way to see the reflection of someone's soul, i actually read a lot of articles in Whi and i'm just obssessed with it, before i sleep, i check it every night to enjoy the beauty of people's mind, which is so hard to see somwhere else.

With love, Hind.