Hiyaaaa, today im going to be doing my name in cities. I've seen a lot of other people do this and i think its really fun to look at all the other cities. So my name is isabelle and this is my name as cities.

I) Iowa,USA

sky and photography image beautiful, hipster, and photography image

i couldn't really find many pictures for here.

S) Stockholm,Sweden

travel, stockholm, and beautiful image city, stockholm, and sweden image stockholm, sweden, and travel image christmas, december, and europe image

omg i'd love to just spontaneously get on a plane and just go to some random city in somewhere like Sweden- somewhere where not many other people go on holiday.

A) Aberdeen, Scotland

Temporarily removed Image removed aberdeen, castle, and creepy image Temporarily removed

Scotland is one of my favorite places!

B) Barcelona,Spain

architecture, travel, and church image australia, bangkok, and Barcelona image flowers, city, and travel image beach, sky, and sea image

I've been here and its gorgeous!

E) Erfurt, Germany

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L) Lyon,France

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed atumn, autumm, and beautiful image

L) Lisbon,Portugal

train, city, and photography image <3, beautiful, and classy image architecture, city, and europe image lisbon, portugal, and travel image

E) Eastbourne,England

beautiful, evening, and lights image Temporarily removed city, travel, and uk image Temporarily removed

I hope you enjoyed this challenge, im also thinking of maybe doing the 30 day writing challenge soonnn. If you want to read my last article about 15 things you can do everyday to be more positive i'll link it hereee. Anyway thanks for readingggg. Byeeee x