hey, so i've seen a lot of these lately and wanted to try it for myself b/c why not

anyways so my first name is Yadira but that's too long & i'm kind of lazy so i decided to go with my middle name, Monserrath (but for short Monse)

grunge, quotes, and aesthetic image dark, dark purple, and goals image pink and Brushes image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image
Temporarily removed happy, orange, and aesthetic image ring, shining, and aesthetic image aesthetics, afternoon, and happy image
beauty, eye, and sad image stars image cake, food, and yummy image art, blue, and cool image
Navy Blue
nails, red, and style image lips, aesthetic, and red image red, drink, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and vintage image
aesthetic, asia, and beige image nails, style, and beauty image beauty, beige, and Couture image bag, heels, and laugh image

i had more images but thought this was enough (especially since i just had to learn how to insert the images), don't get me wrong, though, i enjoyed doing this & hope to write more articles

follow me for more :") thanks!

*i don't own any of these pictures except for the cover picture as well as the one of the bottom right hand of the orange section