Can you answer me that simple question? Where the fuck love goes when it's gone ? How love can be there and suddenly it's gone? How's that even possible???
Some will say we learn from our mistakes but tell me what did you learn from your first heartbreak? I am talking about the times when your daddy left or your mom worked two shifts just to affort your education and the things you needed just to fit in. And what did you learn exactly?
Others will ask you remember when you met a boy and fell in love for the first time and you thought "It's like we're in the movies!" but everything fell appart and your heartbroken soul thought you are out of love. That's enough. You gave everything and now you're empty. But where the love that you spent on people went ? I want to know the answer because I need that love back . I don't have the strenght to create it again and again. I just need it back and I'm sorry I gave it to the wrong people but I am really tired.
And heal takes so much time that I don't have. And I want my love back beacouse it's so pure, honest and real and it will never be the same ever .
Maybe the place that it goes to is so powerful that can light up the world.