So my full name is Anastasia and that's obviously too long to do for this article, so instead I am going to use my nickname, Asia. <3

A as in Archie Andrews

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He's not my favorite Riverdale character, but I do love Riverdale a lot. And also I'm in love with Kj Apa, so.

S as in Snow White

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Snow White is my absolute queen on Once Upon a Time! i love so many characters from the show, but she is top on my list.

I as in Iron man

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Marvel Fandom! Iron man is one of my top favorite superheroes by far! Tony Stark is such a great character, also doesn't hurt that he's played by my husband Robert Downey Jr.

A as in Aang

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is only my favorite tv show ever, so how so how could I not include it.

Thank you for reading! Xoxo, Asia!