There are soo many articles based on this theme, but I really liked the idea and I thought why not?

This is my first article so, if I mess up, my apologies.

Pizza or Pasta

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So hard to choose. I really love both. Especially pasta with tomato sauce. Anyways, I'll choose pizza. You can't go wrong with pizza. Pizza is life.

Movies or Books

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Books all the way. Just don't put me to choose my favourite book. I'll list you all my reads instead.

Chocolate or Vanilla

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CHOCOLATE. You can't made me change my mind.

Hugs or Kisses

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Hugs AND kisses. Can't choose. Each of them have their own power and beauty.

Tattoos or Piercings

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Coffee or Tea

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This was with this article. Hope you like it and if i see good responses and reactions, I'll make a part 2. What do you think? Youtuber version? Food,animals or flowers?

Madilyn Freed
Madilyn Freed