hey guys!! today i was thinking about how much we use our phones and decided to make an article about helpful apps for students!! i hope you download these apps in the future! :)


many people think students only use photomath to cheat when doing homework, but i personally love using this app to check my answers! i think this app is super helpful because you can take a picture or input your math equation or problem, and it gives you the answer. my favorite part about this app is that while it gives you the answer, it also shows you the steps on how they got there!!


socratic is a lot like photomath except it works with any subject, not just math. i like it because it gives you many different sources for your question and can give you videos, articles, etc. i personally use it a lot for chemistry :)


now i know you've probably heard of this app before, but i can tell you it is super helpful! i am someone who likes to make flashcards by hand, but if you don't have the time to do that or want to take your flashcards on the go, quizlet is an amazing app! it lets you make your own digital flashcards and you could even use other people's so you don't have to go through the trouble of making your own!!

google docs

this app is something i feel like a lot of people have, but honestly, it is so amazing! i love to use it if i need to write on the go for an assignment, and i do have a studyblr so it definitely comes in handy to write my masterposts on :) the best thing about it is that you can download your documents so you can use them offline!!


this app is also very well known, and personally i don't find it helpful because a lot of the time i do need my phone for my homework, but it does seem to be helpful for a lot of people! forest is an app that basically blocks out all of your apps by planting a tree, and if you exit the app, the tree dies. every tree you build gets you coins! it's very helpful for being who need self-discipline :)

my oasis

i dont think this app is really talked about, but i am so in love with it!! it is a relaxation app but in the form of a “game”. basically, you have a little island in the sky called your oasis. you tap the screen to get hearts, and you can get hearts by rain clouds, etc. the more hearts you have, the more stuff you can get. my favorite part about this app is the background music. its so nice and calming, and the graphics are so nice and clean. you can get animals and more, also. i really really recommend this app for people with anxiety or people who just need a calm place sometimes.

light a way

this is more of a game, but i think it is so relaxing! you fight these little monsters by tapping the screen, but the graphics and design is so amazing. the background music is also calming and the scenery is beautiful. i would really recommend this as something you did during your breaks or something like that :)

so those were my app recommendations for students, i hope you enjoyed!

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have an amazing day!!
- jordan xoxo