"Borderliners are aggressive, bored, unstable." I heard this prejudice a lot of times in my life.

Here's my experience and my truth on Borderline:
In school we were asked to pick a mental illness and write about it. I wanted to pick eating disorders as I was suffering from anorexia at that time. Only one classmate was left and she insisted we write about Borderline because her brother suffered from it.

I had no idea what Borderline was. I am pretty sure some of you have no idea as well.
But writing about it, I more and more realized that was all me. I was this. I had this.

My classmate's brother was aggressive, bored, unstable, everything said above and more. I am not. I am quite, social and I like to believe I am stable.

I went to specialists to see if I really had Borderline. Turns out I do. I would like to say for myself that my Borderline is a light one. I have, however, not met another Borderliner in my life.

Borderline Personality Disorder, as the name says, is a personality disorder. Life is hard, it's a struggle.

For me Borderline is like something's missing, like a puzzle and one piece cannot be found. It's an endless search for that damn piece.
For me Borderline is literally a black and white world. I read most Borderliners don't take this point as strict but for me I like to see my world in order. I like to believe in the good and the bad. I don't want there to be an inbetween. I struggle accept people are both good and bad. I want them to be just one.
For me, it's very hard to trust. I don't struggle in finding friends and talking to people but I struggle to keep the contact steady. I don't like to message people, I don't want to be annoying. I don't trust people, though I want to but I can't. My trust has been broken and used too many times. I once wanted to give my trust, I gave it, but it wasn't wanted.

Borderline for me is an everyday struggle and fight with myself and who I would like to be. I'm bored sometimes, I've been worse.

Borderline cannot be fully healed. This always is in the back of my mind even though I'm happy and fine. This sentence ruins it all.