So, basically, this is me going on a rant!! I just need to do this and well it will make me feel better.
College is way harder for me than high school ever was. I never tried in high school and all those habits came with me. I never did homework or studied at all. I am realizing in my second semester of college that this is nothing like that. My grades are low and I am very stressed. No, I am not failing but I have one D, 2 C, 2 B, and an A. Which stresses me out a lot because I never have a D and I can't let those C's get any lower. I don't really know what to do or what to change because I do try on my work, but I know I don't try as much as I want to. I procrastinate way too much and I wish I didn't. I don't do most of the readings which I also should. I have about two months left and I really have to get my shit together.
If you have a few study habits that you think might help me then you should let me know. I really want to change the way I work on my school work.
I'll let y'all know how I finish my semester but pray for me y'all and hopefully, I end with very good grades