Hey guys!

It's my first article in WeHeartIT.. So please bear with me :)
I believe "Get To Know Me" tag is a perfect way to start my little lifestyle blog here in WeHeartIt.
So let's get it started!

☾ 1 | Why "AB"? |

The answer is super simple: It's just my initials! I didn't want to put my full name out here mainly because it's not so easy to remember, spell or pronounce :D

☾ 2 | Language Barrier |

You may have already noticed ( or may not) that English is a foreign language for me. So please excuse me my spelling mistakes and all that stuff :D I am trying my best..

☾ 3 | Country |

Since I have already told you that my native language isn't English, it's only fair to tell you where I am from. So yeah, I am from Lithuania ( Feel free to google where it is :D ). And of course that makes Lithuanian my native language :)

☾ 4 | Creativity |

ERROR. Sorry to disappoint,but I am not a creative person. Even though I am trying to be..

☾ 5 | Hobbies |

As I said, I am not a creative person, but I like to try! :D Therefore, some of my main hobbies are: drawing/ painting, photography and dancing. As you can probably guess, I am not good at either of those..

☾ 6 | Lifestyle |

I am a student, worker and just an active person in general. And is it enough for me? Definitely not! That's why I am here writing this article in first place.. So I just hope that I will somehow manage to do everything the best I can.

☾ 7 | Fangirl |

And on top of my busy lifestyle I still have time to fangirl over someone and admire someone else's life :D So you can expect for some "fangirl content"

☾ 8 | True me |

As you can probably tell, I am not some "beauty guru".. And I am not trying to be! I am just a simple girl from a small country, trying to connect with the World :) Expect some honesty and pure thoughts..

Love, AB