If you come online, on here, tumblr and even in songs; Heartbreak is glorified. Heartbreak is made beautiful. People crave heartbreaks.

I've had my heart broken once and once only. I will not be glorifying or romanticizing heartbreak. For me it felt like death, no, it was death and I was forced to keep living. I was forced.

One of the hardest things about heartbreak is people leaving. You can try to fill the gaps and scars and empty parts of your heart but you fail because nothing, absolutely nothing compares.

You are forced to stop loving someone. I say forced because you do not want to stop loving them but you have to because they stopped loving you. Not loving them hurts less, or so I have heard.

I would like to end this one with happy word, with encouraging words. i would like to tell you "it gets better", but the truth is for me it didn't.

Everyday I fight against the hurt. Everyday I ask myself "What if I'll never love again?"
I do not have an answer to that particular question yet. I haven't loved ever since.

It's been months and I still talk about you like you put the stars in the sky.