Before you read what I just typed, I want to let you know that I typed every word straight out the bat. I did't think or revised it. I honestly just typed as I thought of what to type next. I wanted this to be pure and honest. This intro I did obviously think of what to say, because I want to let those of you who struggle to know that your not alone. I hope you enjoy, and if you ever need someone, I will be here even if im just a girl behind the screen. I listened to this song while I typed. i suggest you listen to it while you read! :

You are beautiful. No matter where you came from, no matter how bad or good. It doesn't matter if your poor or rich, we are all humans, you feel and think. I know deep down within, you feel like there is no way. But please listen to the voice inside, that calls your name, to come on in. So try to enjoy the moment that has came, and tell yourself it will go away. There is no need to hide or run, for someone will be there behind closed doors, even though you might not see them there, when your in trouble and in desperate help, they will come running to give their help. So just close your eyes until the next day, cause there is so much opportunity in every way. If you do need help, just scream and shout, someone will hear you, whether is near or far. Just keep on believing, and you will be alright, you have so much potential to throw it all out. Just know someone loves you, and wants you safe, you'll be here forever, you are here to stay.

Written by Dayarimar Rodriguez