A - Age

I'm 16

B - Best book/Best movie

harry potter, movie, and daniel radcliffe image Temporarily removed harry potter, jk rowling, and quotes image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image
Actually Harry Potter is as much my favourite book saga as it is my favourite movie saga haha

C - Current time

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It's 6:58 pm

D - Drink I last had

gif, milk, and coffee image
Milk coffee

E - Everyday starts with

Image removed coffee, drink, and home image coffee, morning, and smell image coffee, book, and drink image

F - Favourite song

gif, JB, and jonas brothers image
When you look me in the eyes by The Jonas Brothers

G - Goal in life

motivation, study, and studying image Image removed london, city, and travel image architecture, city, and scotland image bucket list, charity, and success image fashion, t shirt, and tees image Inspiring Image on We Heart It travel, world, and light image
1. Studying a career 2. Moving to the UK 3. Volunteering and 4. Travelling all around the world

H - Height

I'm 5'6" or 5'7", actually I'm not sure

I - In love with

eddie redmayne and handsome image les miserables, eddie redmayne, and samantha barks image Image removed actor, beautiful, and eddie redmayne image
Eddie Redmayne, I mean not only because he's really hot and super cute as well but also because he's sooo good at acting omg I'm completely fond of his work

J - Jealous of

actor, baby, and british image actor, british, and eddie redmayne image eddie redmanye, eddie redmayne, and hannah bagshawe image Temporarily removed
So I guess I'm a bit jealous of Hannah Bagshawe, his wife haha although I believe they make a lovely couple

K - Killed someone

Temporarily removed quotes, Taylor Swift, and Reputation image
Sure, got a long list of names of people I killed in my mind

L - Last time I cried

crying, fantasy, and girls image netflix, cry, and pink image
Last Sunday, watching The Crown haha

M - Middle name

I don't have one

N - Number of siblings

Temporarily removed baby, cute, and kiss image beautiful, beauty, and birthday image Temporarily removed
I've got one younger brother

O - One wish

Temporarily removed believe, dreams, and never image dreamscometrue and planit image believe, dreams, and jar image
That my dreams come true :)

P - Person you last texted

hair, friends, and summer image best friends, bff, and fashion image

Q - Question you're always asked

If I have a boyfriend (as if that said a lot about me) and what I am going to study (I am in the last year of High School)

R - Reasons to smile

Family, friendship, good books/films/series, travelling

S - Song you last sang

Temporarily removed
Un Poco Loco from Coco haha I love this film

T - TV show you last saw

berlin and casa de papel image la casa de papel image Image removed grunge icon, girl girly lady, and alternative vintage image
La Casa de Papel

U - Underwear colour


V - Vacations

cuba and latin image Caribbean, cuba, and Island image aesthetic, beautiful, and blue car image pink, architecture, and city image iceland, Island, and reykjavik image church, flowers, and iceland image Temporarily removed house, iceland, and reykjavik image
So of course there are a lot of places I want to travel to and that I haven't done it yet but right now Cuba and Iceland are the ones I most want to visit (yes, I know they have nothing to do with each other)

X - X-rays you ever had

Inspiring Image on We Heart It lips, aesthetic, and glitter image
Of my teeth

Y - You favourite food

Image removed cooking, food, and spaghetti image Image removed pizza, food, and delicious image

Z - Zodiac sign

gemini image constellation, gemini, and inspiration image