I was hungry... and this article happened ;)

food, tacos, and carne image Temporarily removed
Tacos (Mexico)
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Butter Chicken (India)
Temporarily removed berries, food, and fruit image
beef jerky image
Beef Jerky (USA)
cake, canon, and eos image homemade, pink, and raspberry image
Ispahan Cake (France)
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Salmon & Avocado Maki (Japan)
Image by gєℓαsίηטs Temporarily removed
Bacon + Eggs (UK/USA)
pizza, tuna pizza, and pizza tonno image blogger, chanel, and delicious image
Tuna Pizza (Italia)
cake, pudding, and snowflake image chocolat and fondant image
Chocolat Fondant (France)
burger, kebab, and paris image food and gyros image
Souvlaki (Greece)
asian, date, and couple image food, bobun, and bo-bun image
Bo-Bun (Vietnam)
Image removed cake, carrot cake, and cream cheese image
Carrot Cake (UK)
tunacado and lemon iceland image avocado and tuna image
Tunacado Sandwich from Lemon Café (Iceland)
food, rice, and shrimp image cooking, food, and foodie image
Paella (Spain)
almond, chocolate, and marzipan image Temporarily removed
Marzipan + Chocolate (Germany / Austria)
cheese, food, and tomato image food, salmon, and smoked salmon image
Omelette (France)
Temporarily removed green and jello image
Jelly / Jello (UK/US)
food porn, pasta, and roma image eat, nourriture, and manger image
Carbonara Pasta (Italia)
food, onion, and photography image food and onion rings image
Onion Rings (USA/UK)
coffee, croissant, and food image food, breakfast, and strawberry image
Café + Croissants + Tartines (France)
butter, coconut, and jam image Temporarily removed
Kaya Toasts (Singapore)