Here are just a few random things about me and hopefully this will allows you guys to know me better. <3

1. Books
I would choose a book over human interaction any day.

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Anyone else love the smell of old books?

2. Movies/TV Shows
My favorite movie is the original IT and Suicide Room (I love odd movies). For TV shows I mainly watch Catfish and Riverdale.

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3. Netflix
Currently, I'm watching Love. A few of my favorite shows/movies are Sherlock, Blue is the Warmest Color, and Shameless.

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4. Art
Salvador Dali is my favorite painter

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5. LDR
I'm in love with a guy who lives in the UK. but soon we will be bridging that gap.

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6. Video Games
I've always been a gamer, and always will be.

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7. Sagittarius
My birthday is December 21.

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8. Music
I mainly listen to rock/metal/alternative but I'm very diverse.

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Crown The Empire and Pvris are my two favorite bands

9. Blue
My favorite color is blue, my room is blue... my car is blue haha.

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---So there are a few facts about me, I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this. Much love <3

Instagram: allisont_18