👉An energy source → Air
👉One of five senses → Taste
👉A smell → Cherry

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👉An invention → Photography
👉A punctuation mark → :
👉A website → Youtube ?
👉A hair color → Red
👉A model → Luma Groth

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👉An actress → Margot Robbie
👉A Tv show character → Octavia, The 100
👉A Hashtag → Why not #Postbad ? Hmm not really :')

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👉A videogame character → Lili, Tekken
👉A power → Know all about everybody
👉A god → Circe
👉A legend → Ghosts or Aliens
👉A creature → A Huldra

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👉A dinosaur → A pterodactyle
👉A language → English
👉A country → The United States


👉My character trait → I'm almost always happy but a little shy
👉A name I like → Elias
👉Something I love → Friendly & funny people

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👉Something I hate → Horror movies
👉My favorite dish → The rice that my mom cooks with fresh cream, pepper & chiken ♥