In our understanding as humans we believe the lie and we can't stand the truth.
People lie for three reasons: to adapt to a hostile environment, to avoid punishment and to get rewards over others.

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My mom always taught me to tell the truth, to be honest no matter what. I'm not going to say that I've never lied but if I ever did it was a "little white lie" nothing big, maybe because I wanted to hide something that I felt embarrassed about me or to avoid some punishment but never to harm anyone.

But on many occasions I've been misunderstood for telling the truth, I've been taken as rude instead of sincere.
For example the other time a friend asked me how his outfit looked, he said and I quote: be honest, so I said: being honest the colors don't match and the pants are too loose. So he just saw me with a face that said, are not we supposed to be friends?.

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So, "honesty" it's a two-edged weapon, because if you don't tell the truth you are a liar but if you are very sincere you have no feelings.

It would be good for society to be educated from honesty and openness but the thing here is to find a balance in between what's good for us, what's good for others and sometimes lies (I donโ€™t want to say it but) are "necessary" and remember: be careful not to cross any of the two lines.

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To finish I can say, absolute honesty doesn't exist.