Have you close your eyes and think your life in the future...It is time to do it.Now I tell you how i dream my life and what I want have and be.Let's see.

I dream my life be active and very happy and I am a fashion designer in Paris and I am famous (not very famous).

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I dream to have a lot of different dogs and puppies with with color and blue eyes.

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I dream to have a big house with water pool and a big garden with a lot of flowers with different colors.

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I dream I am a sporting person.

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I dream I do very well Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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I dream to have Gucci clothes.

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I dream my self very strong and always I have hope.

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I dream to be an inspiration person.

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I dream I travel always.

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I dream to have a lovely family.

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I have not great idea about myself but glamour.

Thanks for reading!