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It's not as hard as you think.

1. Clean

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The first thing to do is clean. Pick up your clothes from the ground, take your trash out, and open your blinds. Let your room breathe :)

2. Your bed

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Add a bunch of throw pillows and throw blankets. You can get cheap but super comfortable ones from places like target.

3. Your walls

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Hang up some pictures and posters. A mandela tapestry is also very tumblr.

4. Plants

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Tumblr plants like succulents or palm tree leaves will make your room look refreshed.

5. Fairy Lights

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Fairy lights are an essential.

6. Candles

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To give your room a soft glow.

And you're done!

Remember, make things how you want them to be. Find your aesthetic. Experiment. Move things around. And have fun while you're doing it!

- leillana @raediant
be you, be true, be radiant
(thanks for reading my first article loves)