So basically I wrote this article because I hope it will help me to structure my life more and have something to work on and look forward to. And maybe it might inspire you too...

get a tattoo
I don`t want a very big tattoo just some little ones that have a meaning or to remind me of something I forget sometimes, like drinking water or something you know? Maybe I will write another article about it. I think tattoos are a way to express yourself and I think it is art.

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I don`t exactly know what I want to study yet, but I think either something like psychology or law.

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This is a program in Europe where you can study a year in a different country for free. I would really like to go to England and study there it is one of my dreams, because I also want to improve my english-skills...

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One of my biggest goals is to see as much as I can of the world. Sadly I need money for it...

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if traveling was free you would never see me again

find true love
I know it sounds weird, but yeah I really wanna find someone who loves me for all I am...

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finish school
Like that is my main goal for now. I really hope I will get good grades I work so hard for it...

have an apartment
I mean it is not a special goal, but I am sooo looking forward to having my own apartment and buying my own things and stuff like this.

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meet my idols
This is probably never going to happen, but I would do anything just to hug Louis or Harry...

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