So, this time I wanted to do a new thing that I don't think someone else did here, If I'm wrong sorry❤️

I'm going to do this thing with my original name even though I love how it changes in different languages.

My name is Maddalena.

M as Minerva McGonagall

Temporarily removed architecture and castle image hogwarts, books, and school image cat, cute, and animal image
Well I don't think she needs explanation. One of the most bossy, brave and badass character of the entire Harry Potter saga.

A as Annabeth Chase

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When I imagine myself as a Percy Jackson character I always think about her: both Athena's daughter, both too proud but also selfless and intelligent.

D as David Nolan

black, hope, and writing image once, once upon a time, and robin hood image boy, shirt, and man image film, gryffindor, and harry potter image
I started OUAT not long time ago and I love that Tv Series. I admire David for how he persists in trying to protect his family even putting his own life in danger.

D as Daenerys Targaryen

blonde, eyes, and aesthetic image got, game of thrones, and daenerys image dragon, fantasy, and eye image horse, white, and animal image
Strong, independent woman that I love from GOT.

A as Alec Lightwood

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The Mortal instruments is one of my favorite saga and tv series. I see Alec as a strong leader that acts listening to logic but also his instinct. ( I don't know if this sentence makes sense but I don't know how to explain it in english lol)

L as Lydia Martin

Temporarily removed teen wolf, lydia martin, and banshee image aesthetic image shoes, fashion, and black image
I haven't finished yet Teen Wolf but for now I really like it, Lydia is badass character and i like her so much😂

E as Emily Rhodes

aesthetic, nails, and red image Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
This character from Designated Survivor is so underrated, I really like her even though now she's dating a man that isn't who I ship her with lol.

N as Nick Radford

quotes image cute boy, eden, and Jon image black and white and boy image flowers, rose, and aesthetic image
I really like this character from Good witch and I ship him with Grace so much😍

A as Annie Cresta

couple, love, and kiss image aesthetic, alternative, and daisies image Image removed Image by Rowan Weaver
Annie Cresta from Hunger Games is an independent woman that doesn't like violence on others who loves Finnick Odair. I can't say anything more because of the spoilers but if you've read the books you know how strong she is.

So this is the end and I hope you've liked it because I spent a lot of time searching the photos and trying not to put everyone from the same book/series.

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