I decided to do a quick this or that, thought it would be fun. So let's go!

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London or Paris

light, london, and Big Ben image paris, flowers, and pink image

Coffee or Tea

breakfast, cafe, and tea image tea, coffee, and milk image

Heels or Sneakers

Image by Fashion and beauty Image by Katelyn🦋

Day or Night

amazing, like, and nature image buildings, city, and cityscape image

Winter or Summer

home, bedroom, and room image summer, beach, and surf image

City or Country-side

summer, beach, and surf image country living, railway, and rural image

Introvert or Extrovert

etsy, funny, and hipster image Image removed

Makeup or Hair

makeup, girl, and beauty image hair, girl, and hairstyle image

Lipstick or Eyeliner

Inspiring Image on We Heart It makeup, eyes, and make up image

Cats or Dogs

cat, girl, and eyes image animal, dog, and beach image

Nike or Adidas

nike, shoes, and white image Temporarily removed

PRETTYMUCH or Why Don't We

marshmallow and prettymuch image why don't we, corbyn besson, and jonah marais image

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