Okay, so I spend a lot of my days on my bed or the carpet,while staring at the ceiling. (at least until school starts again) And I thought if I chose to do nothing the whole day, I could also do nothing with some great background music. So here’s my playlist for staring at the ceiling, hope you enjoy.

1. What do you think about the car? – Declan McKerra
Favourites: Paracetamol and Why do you feel so down

I love that album. The meaning of the songs, his voice, his music videos and the way they make me feel like I‘m looking up at the stars, when I’m actually just staring at my ceiling: I love it
Like I‘m pretty sure that he’d sparkle without glitter on his face ’cause I think he’s an angel

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2. Don’t smile at me – Billie Eilish
Favorites: Bellyache and Party favor

Another really young artist that I discovered a few months ago. Her songs all just sound so cool and her lyrics are really artistic (I think she writes them with her brother, who also produced and wrote her first Song called Ocean eyes)

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3. You/ EP – Dodie Clark
Favorites: Secreat for the mad and 6/10

They’re only like 6 songs on this album, but I really like all of them. Her voice is so beautiful and the songs are all very calming and thoughtful.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It dodie clark, doddleoddle, and doddlevloggle image

4. Love, Simon Soundtrack – Various Artists
Favourites: Strawberries&Cigarettes and Sink in

Okay first of all: amazing movie
Second of all: Troye Sivan
Hell yes
But seriously it’s a really great soundtrack, it kinda makes you feel like you’re in a movie as well

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5. Double Dare – Waterparks
Favourites: 21 questions and Stupid for you

Last but definitely not least,I love them
they also got a new album that just came out this year, but I haven’t listend to all of the songs yet.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely day xx