art / heart love

masterpieces surrounding us
reflection of the mirror tells us where to go
names spelled backwards

i heard you the first time
the screams, the voices, the words
painful confessions flying in the air

let me catch them for you
let me break your heart
let me destroy it in a million pieces

messed up minds in one place
perfect lines making one big imperfect line
pain in the scars

get yourself together
throw it away
dig yourself out of the madness you’ve made

colorful brains
eyes on each others mouths
crazy ideas

art is on the walls behind you
art is in person in front of you
look away and it will go away

misunderstood communication
high pitched screams
starving your heart

chocolate dripping from the ceiling
unfocused glances
games planned out on the kitchen table

blood need blood
being need art
heart need charging

obsession with the dark side
envy following
hearts on the verge to tears.

original poem by myself, sixxteen (sofie h.b. andersen)

peace & love.