So it looks like I'm actually being constant in an aspect in my life, I DID A WORKOUT AGAIN!! Which means working out is going better than university (but that wasn't hard lol)..

I hope you guys like that I share my workouts on here and that you do them as well! They're not that hard and challenging yet, but that's because I just recently started working out again and I'm not that fit to do workouts some of you will be able to fullfill. Sorry for that, but I'm getting there! Maybe this is a journey we can go on together huh :)

I uploaded the workouts I finished this morning on WHI in edited pictures. I worked on my abs and bootyyy!

Mature image abs, cardio, and fitness image

For the ones who can't read the text in the pictures:
Butt workout:
20 squats
10 side to side jump squats
20 donkey kicks
10 lunges to frontkicks
20 fire hydrants
10 jumping lunges
20 sumo squats
10 bridges
20 inner leg lifts

Abs of steel workout:
30 crunches
25 crunch claps
20 bicycle crunches
15 mountain climbers
10 side v-ups
15 leg raises
20 toe touches
25 knee touches
30 dynamic planks

You can make the workout harder to repeat the exercises in rounds of 3 or something like that, or you can do more repetitions in 1 round.
I hope you liked this workout!

here are my previous workouts:

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So that's it for this article, hope you liked it!