if you´ve looked at my hearts, you´ve probably noticed my love for fashion and models. I get a lot inspiration for my fashion and lifestyle from my favorite models, so i though I would share them with you!

romee strijd

girl, fashion, and model image fashion, girl, and model image
romee is my absolute favorite model. she is so pretty and I love her smile, style and personality. I love her so much

kaia gerber

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kaia is only 16 years old and she has accomplished very much. she is so cute and i love her personality

gigi hadid

gigi hadid, model, and makeup image Image by S. P. C. T
I love gigi´s style and work. she is beautiful and she seems so nice and happy

gisele bündchen

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gisele is one of the most successful supermodels. she truly is an icon. i love gisele because of her fun personality and hard work

candice swanepoel

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candice is beautiful and I love her cute and calm personality. she is an iconic victoria´s secret angel

emma delury

girl and outfit image girl, beauty, and blonde image
emma is not a really big model, but I think she will be. she´s worked a lot for brandy melville. she is beautiful and cute, and I love her!

taylor hill

taylor hill and a image taylor hill, model, and beautiful image
taylor is gorgeous and sweet. she seems nice and down to earth and i really love her

These are my most favorite models, even though there´s many other models I really like. I recommend checking these girls out if you need any inspiration, they´re amazing