Dear I.,

I can't express how special to me you were. You just had this aura, invisible energy that I was so attracted to. Your character was so unique and caring and fun... being close with you was like a small miracle in my life that made it different and somehow meaningful.

But as every miracle it was temporary. You changed. Your pure soul got under the influence of dirty-handed people. I saw your transformation and tried to do something about it but you didn't seem to care as much as before. You went with the muddy flow and didn't even realise it.

One day I was just done with the attitude of both of you. I cut you from the group chat and didn't reply to your texts. I thought : "If they care they won't give up on me that easy." Guess what? You did. You texted 2-3 times and that was it. I hope you felt my absense in your life at least for a part of the second and it hurt you. Because that'd mean I had influenced you positively as you did to me in our early days.

I don't regret it though. I know you, the real you is still there and I hope you rediscover her one day. That's the person who you should be. That's the person who the world needs, who I need.


This is day 4 of ''14 days of letter writing'' challenge and it is created by @dontbuymeflowers.

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