I have a deep need to travel. one of my biggest fears is to stay at the same spot since I was born. I never left the city, never got the experience of discovering new places, new cultures, new people.. I know I'l get the chance to but, I am so freaking scared that it won't happen.
I want to travel in a van.. alone or with friends.. run..
I wanna visit a lot of museums, bookstores, the beach in winter and at night..
I don't wanna be stuck..I want to blend with nature.. and feel all the beautiful things in life.. to feel free..
I wanna make unforgettable memories..

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luckily for me, I had movies and books, my imagination gave me a lot of things that i wished for, pretty much a whole different life, it's not like I'm not happy with my current life or so, no, I'm so grateful for a ton of things, I'm trying to be positive, and I'm trying to live my ''real" life to the fullest, it's just those times where you feel like something is missing..

just an urgent thoughts appeared on the surface and here I am catching a few

but I know there are better days coming.. soon..where I can do the things that I've always wanted to do.. I hope.. who knows, maybe even better..