Helloooo !
It's my first article ^^ So today I will make the Harry Pottert Challenge/Tag ^^ Enjoy ;)

⇨ Hogwarts House ?

Image by AngelJ gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and slytherin image harry potter, gryffindor, and hogwarts image

⇨ Ilvermony House ?

aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and feather image Image removed thunderbird and ilvermorny image

⇨ Patronus ?

albus dumbledore, always, and draco malfoy image expecto patronum, harry potter, and otter image protective image animal, otter, and water image
An Otter

⇨ Favorite Subject ?

potion, magic, and harry potter image potion, harry potter, and magic image harry potter and hogwarts image book, film, and films image
Potions or Defence Against Dark Arts

⇨ Amortentia ?

book, vintage, and read image rain, smell, and quotes image hot chocolat and hot ​chocolate image amortentia and hp image
Books, Rain and Hot Chocolate

⇨ Favorite Female Character ?

harry potter, luna lovegood, and art image harry potter, luna lovegood, and aesthetic image harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image luna lovegood, ravenclaw, and potterhead image
Luna Lovegood

⇨ Favorite Male Character ?

teddy lupin, blue, and eyes image boy, Hot, and guy image teddy lupin and upthehillart image art draw, illustration, and percy jackson image
Teddy Remus Lupin

⇨ Quidditch Position ?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It gryffindor, minerva mcgonagall, and james potter image harry potter, quidditch, and book image harry potter, snitch, and quidditch image

⇨ Favourite Spell ?

harry potter, lumos, and light image harry potter, lumos, and spell image harry potter, light, and magic image charm, harry potter, and spell image

⇨ Favourite Professor ?

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter image harry potter, maggie smith, and minerva mcgonagall image
Rubeus Hagrid and Minerva Mcgonagall

⇨ Pet I Would Bring ?

owl, animal, and bird image illustration, Paper, and animal image owl, animal, and white image owl, cute, and snow image
An Owl

⇨ Favorite Magical Creature ?

niffler, fantastic beasts, and newt scamander image niffler, harry potter, and fantastic beasts image drawing, art, and movie image fantastic beasts and niffler image
The Niffler

⇨ Part That Made Me Cry ?

harry potter, dobby, and harry image quotes, voldemort, and harry potter image harry potter, dobby, and art image dobby, harry potter, and harry potter movie image
Dobby's Death :'(

⇨ Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone or Cloak of Invisibility ?

daniel radcliffe, draco malfoy, and fred and george image accesories, apples, and black and white image harry potter and deathly hallows image books, harry potter, and hogwarts image
The Cloak of Invisibility

Thanks for reading ;)