Hey, guys!

I haven´t done an article in quite a while so I felt like it was about time.

Here are the places I wanna go to and the places I´ve been to.

Venice, Italy

travel, venice, and Dream image venice, italy, and summer image

Colmar, France

france, alsace, and colmar image architecture, buildings, and flowers image

Paris, France

Temporarily removed Mature image

Amsterdam, Netherlands

travel, city, and sky image light, city, and amsterdam image

Tokyo, Japan

Temporarily removed aesthetic, cherry blossom, and city image

Sopot, Poland

beautiful, dark, and light image Poland, Sopot, and polska image

Oia, Greece

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Bibury, England

bibury image england image

Crete, Greece

crete, Greece, and sea image Greece, crete, and travel image

Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen, hotels, and travel image copenhagen, denmark, and photography image

Helsinki, Finland

city, city life, and finland image city, finland, and helsinki image

Alanya, Turkey

cloud, sea, and spring image beach, blue, and castle image

This was part 1. I will do a part 2 soon :)

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