So here is my first article and I´ve decided to write about some films I´m in love with:

Incepcion (2010)

It´s about dreams and how to control them. The graphics are amazing and the architecture is just incredible, so if you like art and architecture, belive me, it´s really worth to watch.

never, wake up, and incepcion image inception, gif, and chair image Image by Elv Saher

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

The lovely story about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I´m sure you´ve heard about it because it´s a clasic in British literature. The book was writen in 1813 by Jane Austen. It is one of the cutest stories of all the time and it perfectly describes how the life was for a girl in the nineteenth century. You should definitely watch it if you haven´t.

aesthetic, colors, and pale image pride and prejudice, jane austen, and keira knightley image Image removed pride and prejudice, quotes, and mr darcy image
why is Mr Darcy so cute??? Why???!!!

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrove (2005)

I don´t know why, but this is my Christmas movie by excellence, there´s no Christmas that I don´t watch this movie. Well, you all know what is it about: the Pevensie brothers discover a fantastic world, Narnia, which is dominated by the White Witch Jadis. They will have to start an adventure to help Narnia to come back to happy days.

quotes image narnia, susan pevensie, and susan image narnia, lion, and edmund image
I´ve only read The Magician´s Nephew but you should read all the books too

Fast Five (or Fast & Furious 5) (2011)

The fith movie of the Fast and Furious series. It´s my favourite of all of the eigth that have been premiered yet (because it is prevised to be 2 more films). I am not going to say anything about it here in case you haven´t watched the first four movies, so I won´t spoiler you, but if you have, go and read the caption ;)

family and fast and furious image fast and furious, paul walker, and Vin Diesel image
I just love it, the plot, the final twist after the credits, when Mia tells Paul and Dom she is pregnant, the action and most of all, the family spirit they have and how they do everything for family´s benefit.

The Age of Adaline (2015)

It´s about Adaline, a girl born at the beginning of the twentieth century who accidentally and inexplicably become inmortal. She has been escaping because anyone knows her secret except her daughter. But one day she meets Ellis, and everything changes.

Image removed the age of adaline image blake lively, the age of adaline, and actress image Image removed
oml, Blake Lively is gorgeous in this film

And this is everything for today, hope you like it :) Read my other article too, I´m sure you will love it.