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I’ve been tagged to do the ‘Get To Know Me Tag’. This will be much better than my ‘13 Totally Random Facts About Me’ article, I promise you. This time, I’ve been tagged by Kara and Tess, articles and links below.

☾ 1 | Books

One of my favourite things ever to do is read. Me and Kara even have a book related tag/ongoing project: #LastBookIRead so go check it out!

☾ 2 | Fangirl

Relating to the previous fact, I am a HUGE and obsessive fangirl and I get so hyped up when a fandom reference reaches my ears...
(People think I’m crazy sometimes. Other fangirls, you relate right?)

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☾ 3 | Movies/TV Shows

I absolutely love movies, and the 5, technically 4, TV shows I watch (lol, no regrets). Most of my favourite movies are absolutely underrated.

☾ 4 | Music

I cannot live without music and I love listening to my favourite artists! (I also listen to Chinese/Mandarin pop music lol...)
I also play the violin!

☾ 5 | Country

I am from Singapore and am Chinese though I do not speak it fluently :’(. However, I do not live in Singapore currently (as of when I post those article).

☾ 6 | Dogs

I am a definite dog person and we have an adopted dog in our family!

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☾ 7 | Favourites

I am someone who doesn’t have many favourites among the things I like, however, I’m always loyal to what I love. If I don’t like something or someone, I can really, really hate it, or the person.

☾ 8 | Chocolate

One of my many favourite desserts/sweets, chocolate is always my first option: chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake...it’s almost always going to be chocolate. I also, however, like dark chocolate!

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☾ 9 | Sports

I’m horrible at sports...I guess you could say I’m one of those “smart, nerdy girls” who don’t play sports 😂.

☾ 10 | Short

I’m actually pretty short for my age, but that’s a good thing sometimes.

☾ 11 | Creativity (not)

I’m not a very creative person AT ALL. This can be seen from the lack of tags I’ve created, the lack of article ideas I have, and the lack of creative/different images that I post.

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can’t do either lol

☾ 12 | Safe Player

I’m not someone who will jump at the chance to go skydiving or try to climb a mountain, I tend to stay away from that stuff, also because I’m not very sporty. I hate the idea of doing something like that...we’ve all seen those movies!

☾ 13 | Survival and Horror Movies

Linking to my previous point, I absolutely hate survival and horror movies. Horror movies should be self-explanatory; survival movies scare me as much, because the idea and stories in them are just too mortifying. I’m just not that kind of person, ya know? (’Geostorm’ was pretty good though, lol.)

☾ 14 | Family and friends

I have an amazing, and a few close and amazing friends, IRL and on WHI. I only consider a few people my best friends IRL, but I know I can always count on them, and talk to them whenever. (Except during school breaks, it seems. No one seems to want to talk?!?) And my family, no explanation needed: my parents are the best and are always helping me. My sister makes me laugh all the time and we have so many inside jokes and references, though she manages to annoy me everyday.

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☾ 15 | TheWHISquad

I am part of an amazing group of girls, and you might know us: TheWHISquad. The girls in the squad are the best and are so supportive! I am glad we created this squad! We also host the #WHITheCollectors contest which you may want to check out:

And that’s it!

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