Self-discovered/Underrated K-Indie/-Hip-Hop/-Trap-ish Songs

1. Comes and Goes / 와리가리 - Hyukoh
- Indie

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Hyukoh combines everything I love. Grunge aesthetic, the Korean language, and indie music. Listen to their songs and tell me you did not fall in love with them. (And notice the beautiful album cover)

2. Wing Wing / 위잉 위잉 - Hyukoh
- Indie

hyukoh image
This song is just coffee shop aesthetic.

3. 2002worldcup - Hyukoh
- Upbeat Indie

hyukoh image
"When you die (I’ll be next to you) When you drown (and I’ll drown for you) When you’re sad (can I sing you blues) When you’re naked (I’ll be coming through)" (featuring my favorite picture of them)

4. Pour up - Dean feat. Zico
- Hip Hop/ Soul-ish (tbh I think Dean is his own genre)

dean, gif, and pour up image
This song got me into Korean music in general. It's something that will forever remind me of my times as a Korean-music-virgin and I just effing love Dean I mean C'mon look at him and listen to him.

5. Red Sun - Hangzoo
- Hip Hop

khiphop, khh, and red sun image
You have to watch show me the money to find out who will be the next hot shit in k-hiphop trust me. And you have to watch the live performance of Hangzoo's Red Sun because his energy on stage is ridiculous.

6. Timid - Jeebanoff feat. Changmo
- Hip Hop/ Soul-ish (?)

album cover, art, and khiphop image
(In a way I feel like this Album cover perfectly fits the song) Jeebanoff's voice is angel-like...

- Trap/Hip-Hop

korean, khiphop, and khh image
I mean this title alone deserves some kind of award.

8. IDWS (I don't wanna be sad) - Ovan
- Hip Hop/ Pop(-ish)

album cover, art, and khiphop image
I really love this song and the fact that I've never heard of this song or the artist Ovan in general is a shame.
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