it's been less than twenty-four hours and here i am, posting another article out of boredom. hoorah. let's get started.

favorite member

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ever since discovering the band, my number one has been zayn. but if we're counting after his departure, then louis had become my central point.

favorite song

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i could not choose one solid favorite song- and can you really blame me? it honestly changes every time i go back to listen to their music and rediscover a good song of theirs and consider it a favorite. so, as of this very second, my top four favorites- in no particular order- are: where do broken hearts go, taken, she's not afraid, and right now.

favorite music video

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lmao it has to be best song ever. i'm constantly going back to that video for a good song and a good laugh pffft. (night changes was a really close second- it just creeps me out too much to have won.)

when did you join?

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i've been here since about the time live while we're young came out- so around 2012.

favorite ship

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on "romantic" levels, larry has always been my favorite. lilo and zouis have stolen my heart among bromances tho lmao.


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the only merch i've gotten- besides their last two albums- are a t-shirt from the 'where we are' tour, a bandana from that said tour, and two of their perfumes (our moment and you and i).

favorite era

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as much as i love ever other era, the 'made in the am' era has to be my favorite. i'm just a lame sucker for the peak of my boys' individuality.

saddest moment?

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at the time, the departure of zayn was the worst the boys had ever made me feel within the five years i had stanned 'em. (although, if i knew what i know now, their hiatus announcement probably would have hurt more. i innocently thought they were gonna come back in eighteen months, ykno?)

if you had one ticket to see one of the solo boys live, who would you see?

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!!!! i have no clue. i'm torn between harry and louis. (most likely louis, maybe? i really like his music.)

favorite sibling

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i really love the relationship between louis and lottie, and their equal amounts of protectiveness over each other.

first song you ever heard?

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live while we're young!!

favorite songs from uan?

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in no particular order: taken, everything about you, stole my heart, and i want.

favorite songs from tmh?

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in no particular order: she's not afraid, nobody compares, last first kiss, and still the one.

favorite songs from mm?

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in no particular order: right now, something great, through the dark, and does he know.

favorite songs from four?

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stockholm syndrome and where do broken hearts go.

favorite songs from mitam?

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in no particular order: love you goodbye, if i could fly, walking in the wind, and A.M.

favorite zayn solo?

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pillowtalk!! i don't listen to zayn's music much yikes i apologize!!

favorite niall solo?

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slow hands and this town!!!! his most famous songs WOW!! im such a fake fan pls dont @ me

favorite louis solo?

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back to you and miss you are my mf favorites!! i listen to them nonstop it's kind of sad o-o

favorite liam solo?

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i've only ever heard strip that down?? im sorry!! to be fair, it is rly good pfft

favorite harry solo?

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sweet creature and kiwi!! (although i might prefer sweet creature a little more??)

yo!!!! i finished!! that took so long oh wow pffft

anywho, thank u for reading!!