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I'm Selene (@spiritfully) and today's article is going to be on how to use different formats in your article!


To create a title like shown above, simply put a # symbol before whatever you want your title to be; for example "# Step 1" and voila! Your text will be a title, meaning it will be shown in bold text.


Links for any image posted on WHI are replaced by that image, like this:

food, breakfast, and coffee image

To turn these images into a grid, enter the links in a list without any extra lines between each link:

beach, girl, and summer image coffee, drink, and food image quotes and love image fashion, style, and vogue image


Writing something right after the image link for a WHI image without an extra line between, will turn it into a caption:

girl and beauty image
example: caption


If you enter the link of a collection, the link is replaced by a preview of the collection.

example of a collection

Text Formatting

Use asterisks (*) or underscores (_) before and after the words like so: *bold* and _italic_ to make parts of your text bold or italic.


By using the > symbol before a line, you can make your text into a quote, like so:

You know she lives for the thrill! You know she loves for the kill!
— Camila Cabello


You can create lists by putting a period (.) or an asterisk (*) and then a space before your text:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three


#hashtags are automatically turned into links to the respective WHI tag.

Linking an article or a profile will replace them with previews:

Any other non-WHI link gets turned into a clickable hyperlink:


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