by no means am I an expert on skincare so for what works for me may not work for you and vica versa but I have recently been following these simple steps and I'm so grateful that I can actually see the results! my skin still has pimples and marks but I've only been doing this routine for about a month now and my skin has brightened and scars are fading! so here it is...

1) WIPES - when I'm wearing makeup I first use wipes to remove it. I only use baby wipes because I mean, if its safe to use on baby bums them I'm sure it'll not be harsh on my face. I use any baby wipes brand but for now I'm using:

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*fyi* i only use wipes when I've worn makeup so I would go straight to washing my face if I wasn't wearing makeup.

2) FACE WASH - after wipes, I wash my face using lukewarm water - hot water to slightly open up my pores ready for cleansing. (Without drying my face) if I feel like I need some good exfoliating (especially on makeup days) I'd use Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator to really remove all that makeup that the wipes couldn't get and to remove excess dirt. But exfoliating my skin everyday can be quite harsh so I use the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel on a day to day basis.

Image by trbl_live Image by trbl_live

3) TONER - okay im not sure if this can be classes as a 'toner' but I've been using 100% apple cider vinegar on my face. After patting my face dry I spray some apple cider vinegar (I poured some in an empty spray bottle) on a cotton round and wipe my face - mainly concentrating on my cheeks, chin, jaw line and temples as these are my problem areas. I would wipe around my face (be careful to avoid getting close to the eye area as it stings) and let that try up for a minute. Then wash off with cool water. I use apple cider vinegar because the skin benefits are amazing! Especially when I spot a pimple that is on the verge of breaking out, when I use apple cider vinegar on the spot, the next morning the pimple is no longer bumpy and shrinks.
Benefits of apple cider vinegar include:
- helps reduce spots
- removes dead skin cells
- helps balance pH levels which helps to control sebum and oiliness
- fights wrinkles
- removes toxins for a fresh glow

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If you purchase a bottle be sure its 100% pure. Fun fact: I didn't know the benefits of this on your skin till I saw my mum has 2 bottles stocked away and no one uses. Then I decided to search what its internal and external benefits are joined the hype :)

5) (EDIT) - ALOE VERA GEL I can't believe I forgot this step!! Before moisturising I apply Aloe Pura's Aloe Vera Gel with Tea Tree on my face and let that dry. Then apply moisturiser on top. Aloe vera gel helps cool my skin after using the apple cider vinegar. I use:

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4) MOISTURISE - you see, I'm the type of person who uses moisturiser because I just don't like my face feeling dry. I don't care what moisturiser I use and frankly I use medicinal creams because they're safe e.g. Hydrocortisone, E45, Diprobase etc as I did have eczema when I was young. But recently I've been using cocoa butter because this is used among people with darker skin tones and their skin is GLOWING! Seriously they're so beautiful and their skin is absolutely amazing! Its so smooth and glowy and obviously I want the same results. So I'm using Palmers Cocoa Butter Forumla w/ Vitamin E. This leaves my skin feeling super moisturised but without the oiliness and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Also the smell is incredible and is not sickening.

cocoa, smooth, and dry skin image

And by the time I'm done my skin is left feeling super cleansed, moisturised and fresh! But I have to say the apple cider vinegar is what does the magic to my skin, I'm still yet to see what difference it'll make after a couple of months but I hope its nothing but good things! I have really trouble with my jaw area as I get new pimples growing weakly due to lack of sleep and poor diet :( but the apple cider vinegar has definitely helped reduce that!

Thank you for reading!
Sending you love wherever you are 💋