it has taken 19 years and two heartbreaks to realize that our dreams change. two years ago i was dreaming about a house in the woods,and now i am dreaming about coffee in Paris. i don't even drink coffee.
i think it is safe to say that our dreams change. how many of us wanted to be ballerinas or doctors when we were younger?
then we grew,we met the boy in the mall and later on life it was the writer in the bookstore. did your preferences change after meeting each person? did you hate Kings of Leon the one day and then start to understand the words of "Beautiful War'' the next?
we dream every night because our dreams change. ladies and gentlemen lets step outside the realms of the real world quickly. Dream A includes listening to otis redding with your published lover and drinking a rich shiraz on the deck of the patagonian landscape. an animal here and there.
Dream B involves listening to Chance the Rapper, rolling a paper and living in sneakers,your lover being your ride or die.

to be continued