Hello Dear Hearters !!!!

Girls' Generation / Taeyeon

beautiful, gif, and snsd image

TWICE / Jihyo

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SISTAR / Hyolyn

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gif, green, and cutte image

Red Velvet / Wendy

gif, kpop, and red velvet image

AOA / Choa - Yuna

gif, choa, and kpop image
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Girl's Day / Bang Minah

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A Pink / Eun Ji

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GFriend / Yuju

asian girl, gif, and korean girl image

OH MY GIRL / SeungHee

gif, seunghee, and oh my girl image

CLC / Oh Seung Hee

elkie, gif, and seungyeon image

Mamamoo / Solar, Wheein and Hwasa

gif, mamamoo, and wheein image

MISS A / Fei

china, chinese, and dance image

Hiiii !!!! Which one of all is your favorite? I forgot one to mention? Let me know to include it in the list !!!!! 🎤

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