hey beautiful humans,

this is my broken heart Playlist.
This songs won't cheer you up they probably do the opposite they are going to make you cry.
But sometimes crying is the best way to heal a broken heart.

Little mix

little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image little mix, jesy nelson, and jade thirlwall image
this girls are amazing with words
aesthetic, city, and heartbreak image Towers and little mix image
grunge, Lyrics, and salute image alone, lonely, and sad image
these four walls
broken, quotes, and sad image Temporarily removed
turn your face
love me or leave me and little mix image grunge, header, and layout image
love me or leave me


๏ธsia image australian, songwriter, and record producer image
her voice is everything
heart, help, and hurt image Temporarily removed
breath me
helium, Lyrics, and ๏ธsia image Temporarily removed


band, champion, and chris image coldplay, music, and Chris Martin image
no words for chris martin
quotes, tears, and coldplay image coldplay, quotes, and fix you image
fix you

Camila Cabello

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
this girl proves us all wrong
come back, depression, and music image Lyrics, quotes, and camila cabello image
i have questions
Lyrics, meaning, and Powerful image Image removed
something's gotta give
consequences, lyric quote, and camila cabello image black and white, broken, and consequences image

hope you all enjoy it
lots of love,