Hi there! You seem to have found your way to my dream house that doesn't even exist yet.

Would you like me to give you a tour of the house?

Come on in then!

This is my dream home.

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I love swings and I miss having one in my home. So that's definitely going to be here.

Here! Let me open the door for you.

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Oh. You noticed my very cool door mat.

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I'm just kidding I probably won't use this.

Don't you worry! That's totally not about you. You, dear readers, can come inside and have a look.

Let's go.

Entry Way

This is going to be the first thing you see when you walk in. There's going to be a chair or seat of some sort close, so I can sit down and remove my shoes or put them on instead of having to crouch or wobble around on one leg.

Yes we don't wear shoes inside the house. I'm Asian. South Asian actually. So yeah.

There's also going to be a coat closet close by to store all the shoes and things like umbrellas, rain coats, rain boots, caps and hats depending on the weather. Or just the motorbike helmets, or anything like that, that I might need to take outside with me.

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And these very special key holder and light switch.

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Living room

This is the very first room of the house. I don't really have a specific image in my mind for this room. But it is going to be an open concept room combining the kitchen and dining room.

We wouldn't need a fireplace. So a good size TV and a comfy couch or swing of some sort and some shelves for storage and decor is all that's going to be in this room.

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Over here's the kitchen. I do have a very specific image in my mind for this part of the house. You can obviously tell that just by looking. As I mentioned previously this will be a combination of the dining room. There'll also be a door to the patio, in the kitchen.

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Laundry room

Next up we have the laundry room.

It'll be close to the kitchen so I can multitask and run between the two rooms doing everything.

There's definitely going to be a sink in here. A huge one. And lots of counter space. Because my family loves to iron their clothes and everything else on a huge table instead of the teenie tiny iron boards they have for that. So I'd definitely like a huge counter where I can iron my clothes.

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Guest bathroom

This is (kind of) a part of the laundry room.
This will be the bathroom any guests we have in the house, like you guys, would use. The toilet and sink would be separated off as a powder room and the shower would be right next to it.

The purpose of having that shower is, if I get dirty working outside and need a shower, I can easily get to the guest bathroom, either through the garage or the back door, without having to walk all through the house and the bedroom to get to the shower.

And since it's separated from the powder room, even if someone is in taking shower there, any guests can still use the powder room.

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From this hallway you can access the laundry room, the powder room, shower, the garage and the backyard.

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Let's go take a look outside, shall we?


This is going to be the pool. It's not huge or fancy. I don't see the point of having a huge pool when we have the beach so near. But for those days when I don't feel like going outside, but still want to relax and have some fun with water, a dip in the pool would be great.

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This is just a stair case that would lead to the upper floors. So i can climb right down to the backyard to relax.

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I know I want lots of trees. Not just for beauty. I want trees with fruits and veggies so I'll be motivated to eat healthy.

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I want trees and plants everywhere, all around the house.
So let's take a walk around the backyard, see what else is there?


This is the greenhouse. I really want to have a proper place to grow plants. Because I'm extra.

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I probably wouldn't have as many cacti as that though.

I'll just grow plants for food in the greenhouse


Look! We've reached the patio. This will be outside the kitchen and it'll have a place for me to relax and even eat.

It'll also include a sink. So that people can wash their hands and stuff but I want it there mostly because I love eating fish but getting the scales off them is a whole different story. And I don't want to have to have the whole kitchen covered in scales so I'd rather do things like that outside. And I really am not a huge fan of the smell of raw fish so I'd rather be somewhere where I can get fresh air.

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Let's go back inside through the kitchen door.

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Now that we're back in the kitchen would you like to see the pantry?

It's right under the stairs.

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I honestly would love to have those fancy stair cases but it just isn't something I'll probably ever go for in a house I want to build.

I'd rather have a staircase where I can use the space underneath it.

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That's right! I'll have a whole room just for books and reading. I just want a space where I can read in silence and comfort. This might even be a study room if I were studying or if I have kids.

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Play room

I don't have kids yet, but I really want kids someday. I really hope I'll get to have this room in the house.

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Craft room

I've always loved making things and I'd definitely really love having a space to not only do those things but also to store all the craft materials that come with it.

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If you haven't noticed I like to have fancy doors and cheeky signs on them. I just like to personalize things since I do like a minimal look to everything. It just adds a little fun to the otherwise simple look.


I really don't have much of a plan for this either. I just want something minimal not too fancy easy on the eyes kind of thing.

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I do like walk in closets but I don't really have that many clothes. I actually have 17 tops and maybe five jeans and pants. And just two shoes. Yes I counted.

So I'm pretty sure I'll be wasting a lot of space in a walk in closet, so something simple within the room sounds good to me.

And me being me I'd definitely like to combine that with the office/desk aread so it's functional and saves a lot of space.

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All of the bedrooms in the house will have attached bathrooms like this. Just the sink the toilet and shower. And maybe of course some decorations and maybe even a clock so I can get ready on time for once in my life.

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You may have noticed that the colour scheme was pretty much the same throughout the whole tour. I just really love white. It makes the room brighter and makes it look and feel a lot more open.

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But I definitely wouldn't mind adding a pop of colour here and there.

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But even those would most likely be very neutral ones.

Well we've reached the end of this tour.
Thank you for stopping by my dream home and for sticking through this tour till the very end.


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