I often wish life was like a fairy tale. I think it would be great if our destinies were predetermined and everything happened for a reason. Because even though this kind of world would hold some downsides, like not being in control of your own path, it would also make people more hopeful. Well, in general at least.

Just imagine, if no matter how bad things were or how bad you felt, you could trust that there is a happy ending in the future. Just imagine if all it took for you to be happy, was kindness and a big heart.

What if all bad people were destined to lose as long as they kept up their immoral ways of life? What if true love was actually the greatest power of all? One that not even the strongest of villains could destroy. What if, for all of us, there was a soulmate out there? Someone who the world would push you together with?

What if money didn't rule the world? What if it wasn't able to give anyone the power to hurt others or to kill? What if a pure heart would be highlighted as the surest way to make you happy with your life? Wouldn't we then have less selfishness, greed and evil intentions?

Also wouldn't it be great if we had many different worlds? What if there was actually a wonderland, an enchanted forest or a neverland out there? Wouldn't it be great if there were places where mermaids, fairies and flowers who could sing, existed? I think it would be.

More than anything I guess I wish there were magic in this reality. I wish there was all kinds of supernatural talents that some people among us held. I wish you could learn how to fly, how to create fireballs and how to talk to birds. The magic would have to have limits or course. It would have to be impossible to ever use spells to hurt someone or cause death.