Idk what to talk about so.. nvm, moving on.

Day 6 | Five ways to win your heart.

Nyehehehe, you’ll never win win my heart..
well maybe someday there’ll be a winner ・-・

1. Kind & Loving

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Well of course, I want to have a happy never-ending relationship. And also i don't want those over obsessive guys, yeet.

2. Someone that can protect me

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I’m sorry I’m just vulnerable :v
But again not obsessive… let’s continue.

3. Loves animals

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I love animals and I live with them, so that’s a must, plus boys and animals are cute i'm just saying bye.

4. Never keeps anything away from me, and doesn’t keep secrets

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If you kept your secrets away, how am i supposed to help, and how are we going to help ourseleves. instead it’ll make a gap between us.

5. Cheerful & Humorous

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So we can cheer up one another and also surrounding ourselves with calm, and happy vibes.

That's all for today's challenge, see you tomorrow !! - Calyptus

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