Hi there! My name is Cezara and for those who don't know how to study for exams or for passing the subjects, I'm gonna give you some tips.

First of all, I want to clarify that the tips that I'm gonna write down below may not work for everyone but for some of you may work. Who knows?

1. Make summaries.
This may sound obvious but it's true. Summaries might help you when it comes to studying 'cause it organizes the information into more simple things that you can memorize easier.

2. Flashcards!!
It may sound very childish but it really works for me! Take some sheets of paper, divide them into smaller pieces and then write down the information that you want to study.

3. Take a study partner.
Don´t get me wrong, this advice works with people that are classmates, not best friends. Believe what I'm saying, I say it from experience. It's better to not knowing your partner very well so you can't distract yourself by talking about other stuff. And also for the flashcards might be fun to practice that method with a partner because he or she is going to tell you where you were wrong at and how you can rectify it.

4. Reward yourself.
It's very important to know that the things that your working for are going to be rewarded soon or later. Treat yourself to a snack or something like that. It really helps to focus more.

5. Drink water.
You might be heard it a lot of times but it's very important to be hydrated.

6. Exercise.
It may not sound very familiar but it's true, it helps to focus and also helps you to think better apart from taking better decisions in the future. Exercise activates your mind and makes it think and solve problems and also to focus.

I really hope it helped you to pass your exams and to also pass your subjects.