Hello you,
It makes me really happy that you've decided to take a look at my article/tag. so thank you.
I've been inactive for a while now and so i've decided to do a tag.
But lets start...

A -Age
I'm 16 years old.

B -Best movie
I really love the maze runner movies, especially Maze runner-the death cure.

movie, newt, and ki hong lee image the maze runner, dylan o'brien, and the death cure image

C -Current time
It's currently 6:36pm.

D -Drink I last had
ummm.. i think it was orange juice.

tea, gold, and aesthetic image orange, fruit, and food image

E -Everyday starts with

F -Favorite song
That is probably "just a Little bit of your heart -Ariana Grande" even tho it is very old.

G -Grossest Memory
Maybe when i vomited.

H -Height
I am 1,74m or 5,7f

I -In love with
I am officially in love with my book shelf.

Image by Intricate Syndacate quotes, words, and motivation image

J -Jealous of
I'm very jealous of people who get motivated easily and who always have motivation to reach their goals.

K -Killed someone?
umm.. nope?

L -Last time I cried

M -Middle Name

N -Number of siblings
I have two siblings and they are twins (God may bless me)

O -One wish
To find my true love.

beauty, concert, and dw image Image by Adrienne

P -Person last texted
An Ariana Grande groupchat.

Q -Question I am always asked
"Are your eyes black?" NOOOOOOO they are just very DARK.

R -Reasons to be happy
The sun. The ocean. The sky. your friends. Your Family. LIFE.

S -Song you last sang
One last time - Ariana Grande

T -Time you woke up
I think it was 8am

U -Underwear Color

V -Vacation plate
I've always wanted to travel to iceland. And I also wanna visit America, Thailand and maybe England.

Mature image travel, blue, and iceland image

W -Worst Habit
I use too many swearwords, like for real.

X -X-rays you have had
I have no idea...

Y -Your favorite Food
PIZZA (and Pasta and chocolate and cheese)

Z -Zodiac sign

This was fun. Maybe I'm writing more tags in the future.