Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to be talking about falling in love with a boy. We all girls fall for that special someone. But question are they the one for you? Sometimes well...like around high school between the ages 14-16 years old many girls that fall for someone but too blind to see their true colors with a boy's charm and attractive looks. Every girl will fall for a boy in what they want and expect but....sometimes young teenage girls do not pay attention to their actions such as controlling them, pressuring them, or even using you. If this happens don not go for it because you will be hurt emotionally and as a young women you need to focus on the outside instead of the inside because that's what life focusing more outside the box experiencing new things such as maybe new people, new hobbies, anything that makes you smile. Yes you will be facing break ups and there will be lessons learned from many mistakes you have done but the point is...do not make the same mistake. If a boy is going to love you then let him but if not then leave don't waste your time being used and abused, you are young and you have a lot to achieve in life. 💕💖💗